What Are the Grounds for Filing For Divorce in Texas


Under Texas divorce laws the couple who is willing to dissolve their marriage on the territory of the state is obliged to acknowledge the ground for their divorce. The list of grounds for divorce in Texas are given below:

  • Insupportability: If the couple is non able to support the marriage due to conflicts of personalities due to which marriage can no longer last or there is no chance for spouses to reconcile the divorce can be granted. There is no necessity to put the blame on one of the spouses for the broken marriage and that is why insupportability is a reason for so called “no-fault” divorces.
  • Living apart: if the spouses has been living separately for 3 years and longer and they didn’t maintain any marital relationship, the divorce could be granted.
  • Abandonment: if one spouse has left the family with an intention to abandon or has been away for 1 year and longer the divorce is granted in favor of an another spouse.
  • Adultery: in case of sexual or romantic relationship with not a marriage partner the marriage can be dissolved in favor of a non-adulterer person.
  • Cruelty: divorce can be granted in case of a proven cruel treatment of one of the spouses that compromises the further marital relationship
  • Confinement in state or private mental hospital (if one of the marriage participants is confined in a mental hospital as said in Health and Safety code for at least 3 years or the mental disease in such a degree that an adjustment is highly improbable or there is a high risk of illness relapse) another spouse may be granted a divorce by court
  • Conviction of felony or imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for a year and longer is a ground for the marriage dissolution

It is vital to realize that the spouse who alleges the fault for divorce to another spouse must provide evidence of wrongdoing(s) in front of the court and that could be an explanation to the fact that one of the most common reasons for divorce in Texas is mentioned as “insupportability” as there is no need to spend time on collecting proofs of guilt of another spouse.