Considering the fact that a divorce is a complicated process both emotionally, financially and legally, people who intend to have a marriage dissolution in TX are likely to be confused with filling procedures and the correct sequence of actions they have to perform. The major thing is to define where to start and any divorce starts with collecting and filling out proper documents so that they will be court approves and correspond with your individual suit. But what goes next? Where do you have to go to initiate the litigation?
Under TX family law any divorce case is started at court. It means that to as soon as you and your spouse negotiated all the issues, settled the agreement regarding further post-divorce property distribution and possible support, including childcare responsibilities, one of the spouses attends local court clerk’s office, where the clerk indexes your case on assumption that your divorce is under jurisdictional rights of a chosen court. Once it’s done, the spouse, who filed the Original Petition for Divorce (who is also known as a “Petitioner”) pays court filing fee and that is how you get the ongoing case of a Texas divorce.