Once a person considers a divorce, the most common question which arises in front of filers is the duration of the litigation. It is crucial to realize that the period of time couldn’t be defined in general and depends upon each individual case, which includes settling the agreement between spouses, resolving parental issues if any, deciding the major financial issues related to spousal support, dividing debts and joint assets procedure.

You should also take into account the time that is taken for gathering and filling out divorce forms, as you must find those which are appropriate for your personal situation. Scrutinize the data you are going to provide as if there would be distinction between data provided and factual information the court would simply reject your suit and you will have to start the process all over again.

Another prospect you should keep in mind is the Texas divorce waiting period that is obligatory to follow since the Petition was registered at court till the divorce could be finalized. It means that the minimum time in the best case scenario for your divorce takes sixty days, however as usual TX uncontested divorce lasts up to 120 days because of numerous hearings and constant judicial workload. The exception could be done for those suits which involve domestic violence and in case of proven fault of a responding spouse the case could be closed and divorce could be done much faster.